Audit your site

How to determine the success of your business and company on the Internet? The easiest way is to look at the TOP-10 Are you not there? then you came to the address, the SEO-team Digital Agency Algorithm will analyze your site, in 4 possible packages. With the introduction of which your business will be much easier to reach TOPA Google.


  • Search for pages with server response code 3 **, 4 **
  • internal and external links on the site
  • analysis of the work of hosting
  • duplicate page analysis
  • site structure analysis


  • Free +
  • https verification
  • title analysis - title, description, h1-h6
  • robots.txt file analysis
  • analyze sitemap.xml file
  • redirects check


  • Basic +
  • content analysis - duplication / lack of content
  • site download speed
  • site image analysis
  • code correctness
  • micromarking check


  • Pro +
  • open index check
  • Check meta tags in filters
  • site relink analysis
  • check user interaction
  • mobile version analysis

Technical SEO site audit


SEO technical audit - our specialists carry out a full analysis of your site and identify technical errors and flaws that hinder the promotion of the site in search engines

  1. Check more than 100 parameters;
  2. Technical assignment to the programmer;
  3. The conclusion of a SEO specialist.

When you need to order a technical audit of the site

New site or site has not advanced

We are constantly faced with the promotion of new projects that need to adjust to the requirements of search engines. Search audit reveals flaws and errors on the site. We will prepare a complete ToR for developers.

When there are no SEO results

You have been moving for quite a long time (over 6 months) - there are no results! SEO site audit will help determine the current state of the project, the presence of gross errors and the complexity of the project.

Traffic dropped after moving to a new domain, changing the structure of the site

Large-scale changes and incorrect preparation for them and implementation may lead to a deterioration in the project performance. Technical audit of the site will help to find both small and large errors, which will need to be eliminated in the future.

Falling traffic and positions

There are many reasons - technical errors or search engine filters. The main task of the technical audit of the site is to determine the essence of the problem and assign a vector of actions to eliminate them.